Smart Home as a Service & SaaS Applications will drive broad Market Adoption

December 4, 2020

Smart Home as a Service & SaaS Applications will drive broad Market Adoption

By Jim Carroll and Michael Silva

Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) is not a new idea. For example, home security companies have evolved a version of SHaaS to help slow customer churn and maintain monthly monitoring revenues. Their primary focus is still home security, not a smart home experience. In our last post, we discussed the impact high-value SaaS application will have for the smart home, these software applications will drive SHaaS adoption to the mass market.

The Sendal autonomous SHaaS platform's ecosystem is the secret sauce. By leveraging existing IoT devices in the home as the actuators and sensors, we deliver a contextual experience to the home’s occupants. We transform commonplace IoT device data into meaningful analytics inputs via machine learning for SaaS solutions as actionable intelligent information. The Sendal platform aggregates all IoT devices in the home regardless of vendor to support multiple simultaneous SaaS applications, enabling applications to use the aggregated information to virtualize the device for multiple applications.

Our SHaaS platform enables applications to leverage the virtualized IoT hardware as a participant of the total smart home solution.  The abstraction layer we provide with our platform reduces sales friction into the home between SaaS and hardware vendors. By reducing the need to develop similar devices that compete for wallet share, we enable value-added partnerships that create real value for consumers while increasing positive network effects for all constituents’ leading to greater profits.

The Sendal autonomous SHaaS platform significantly expands what is possible for SaaS solutions—providing access to specific intelligence about the home and its occupants, regarding the state at any given time or period. Our approach frees up valuable human and cash resources, enabling SaaS companies to focus on their core business. We anonymize user data by design while still affording the information needs for SaaS platforms to be successful. This simplifies the application development process while reducing lifecycle costs and regulatory issues around privacy and security.