About Sendal

Our Mission

At Sendal we endeavor to create and deliver healthy home experiences. These experiences are brought to life through services that solve unhealthy living environments by leveraging connected devices and built-in property technologies. Working closely with Builders, Building Scientists, Architects and Technology providers allows Sendal to deliver home services focused on the wellbeing of the occupants, while being kind to the environment – to help you live better.

A phone displaying the Sendal application homescreen

The Sendal Cloud Solution

An Internet of Things platform designed to create a Networked Exchange for the first autonomous home. Sendal is a business based on enabling value-exchange interactions between producers and consumers of the platform. By facilitating autonomous home interactions within our ecosystem, we deliver outcome economics and customer lifetime value creation. The Sendal Platform creates a more significant experience for consumers, resulting in positive network effects, driving additional sales.

The economics of the centralized-hub smart home was disrupted with the proliferation of DiY cloud-based smart home devices. A viable economic model has not existed until now for home builders and device providers to take full advantage of this disruption. We’re excited to bring our ideas to life in Sendal to revolutionize smart homes.

Supported Devices

We are constantly adding to our list of supported devices. If you don't see your device manufacturer listed, please reach out and we will work toward adding them to Sendal.

Our Privacy Policy

We want to help you to understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage and delete your information.  See our privacy policy to learn more.