Smart home gadgets are an expected amenity in new homes – Sendal makes it easy for builders to integrate.

A Suite of Software Services

Sendal uses the home's smart devices to deliver software services that promote energy efficient healthy homes – from the air we breathe to the energy we consume, Sendal takes care of the home's residents.

Breathe service icon with green glow
Breathe monitors indoor air quality and takes action to reduce unhealthy air and save energy.
Aware service icon with green glow
Aware notifies residents if someone is in the home, it even flashes lights or plays an alarm for your safety.
Detect service icon with green glow
Detect monitors ovens and cooktops and alerts you when when they may be left on by mistake.
Aware Room service icon with green glow
Aware Room monitors activity in a room, a compliment to a baby or elder monitors, and notifies you if there is activity.
Blink service icon with green glow
Blink monitors your light usage and alerts you when a light may be left on by mistake.
Illuminate service icon with green glow
Illuminate turns on lights when a doorbell is rung to improve safety and give your home a lived-in appearance.

Great for Builders

Just integrate all of the smart devices installed in the home (Ring doorbells, Nest thermostats, Sonos speakers, smart lighting, etc.) directly with Sendal. Home owners can then choose to register and pay for services they are interested in.

Builder's Guide to Sendal Services

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