Welcome to Sendal, the first smart home that is truly intelligent. We designed Sendal to help you live better; our software services enable a healthy home as the foundation for wellness and well-being.


When combined with commonplace connected property technology, our software services help you live better! 

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Sendal is the first smart home platform specifically designed for new home builders.


We solve the business and technology challenges by delivering software services for healthy homes and wellness and well-being. 

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New Homes Already Have  Connected Property Tech
We Make it Better!

The Sendal Platform is free to builders as a smart home solution. The Sendal Software Services help builders deliver results driven, high-performance homes.

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Our service business model is built on the integration of connected property tech accompanied by the Sendal autonomous smart home platform which enables software services to create a comprehensive smart home experience. The Sendal platform puts the power of multi-vendor products into an expansive ecosystem of things while expanding product utility across multiple, simultaneous software applications. 

Benefits to Technology Providers


Simplify working with national, regional, and local home builders.


The Sendal multisided home automation platform unlocks the demand from builders across the country with unique value creation.

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The Sendal Solution is an Internet of Things platform designed to create a Networked Exchange for the autonomous home. Sendal is a business based on enabling value-exchange interactions between producers and consumers of the platform. By facilitating autonomous home interactions within our ecosystem, we deliver outcome economics and customer lifetime value creation. The Sendal platform creates a more significant experience for consumers, resulting in positive network effects, driving additional sales.


The economics of the centralized-hub smart home was disrupted with the proliferation of DiY cloud-based smart home devices. A viable economic model has not existed until now for home builders and  providers of connected property technologies to take full advantage of this disruption. We’re excited to bring our ideas to life in Sendal to revolutionize smart homes.

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