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Breathe is flexible. It works in harmony with all HVAC system designs – duct, min-split, or hydronic, to deliver high-quality breathable air.

Prescott Valley, AZ
"The Breathe service approach to managing energy and indoor air quality is exactly in line with our path to an intelligent home."
Stefan Orenda, CTO Mandalay Homes
ERV single-zone continuous fan,
Climate Zone 7B, NZRH, negative HERS
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  • Energy savings that pays for service-12% total bill savings. Net $60 rebate wholesales price
  • Improved comfort with reduced HVAC run times, concern is dryness, increased humidity to over 45%
  • Continuous ERV running created high PM infiltration and excessive HAC runtimes
North Carolina
“The Breathe service has transformed our indoor air quality solution by giving us automatic, intelligent, and predictive control of our home’s ventilation and dehumidification system.”
Shawn D. Jessup, Builder
ERV & dehumidifier multi-zone vectoring
Climate Zone 3A, EnergyStar negative HERS
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  • Primary issues high level of manual intervention to stay ahead of  High humidity and VoC. ERVs created excessive HAC runtimes and high humidity infiltration adding to elevated VoC and CO2 levels
  • Eliminated human intervention, reduced humidity, VoC, and CO2, while also reducing energy significantly
Cape Cod, MA
“Sendal improved the IAQ and reduced energy usage, making conversations with customers about HVAC options an easy discussion. Clients don’t want to hear about the parts and pieces, they want to know they are building a home with the best possible air quality.”
Jay Cabana, Builder
ERV multi-zone vectoring
Climate Zone 5, code HERS 55
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  • Energy savings that pays for service-Net $175 bill reduction July
  • Improved comfort with reduced HAC run times
  • Cleaner air VOC, CO2 & RADON primary issue
  • Reduced humidity to acceptable levels < 65%
Phoenix, AZ
“With Breathe, we are revolutionizing how we approach indoor air quality and reducing energy consumption.”
Dennis Webb, VP Fulton Homes
A-synch, balanced ventilation
Climate Zone 2B, EnergyStar HERS 50
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  • Continuous ventilation introduced elevated PM levels and extreme outdoor climate impact creating excessive HAC runtimes and comfort issues
  • Eliminated PM infiltration and outdoor climate impact, Improved comfort decreased humidity impact
  • Energy Savings
Crested Butte, CO
“I worked with Sendal to get a monitoring system in place that had the ability to control my ventilation system based on the actual IAQ...the IAQ in our house has improved dramatically.”
Dodson Harper, PE SE, Resource Engineering Group
Radiant heat ERV & RADON fan
Climate Zone 7, Negative HERS
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  • Extreme climate and air-tight home with continuous ERV with boost increased VOC, PM, CO2 and RADON
  • Eliminated elevated levels of pollutants and Radon

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